4 Brands to watch out for this Valentine’s

Tale as old as time, jewellery is the way to a woman’s heart. It stays as an intrinsic essence of affection & sentiments. Jewellery is a timeless embodiment of love; each piece is a memory capsule, carrying cherished moments & happy starts. It’s a constant reminder of the bond between two people (or more). As the Valentine’s Day comes by, with yet another revolution into relationships, make sure to weave a tapestry of laughter & light. Brighten your special one’s day & gift ‘em one.

The valentine collection at And Noor escapades into the faultless & exquisite adornments ready to steal your hearts!

1. Aaree Accessories ; Sealed with Love
This collection is sealed with love, uttermost. With hearts & happiness embedded in every piece, you’ll find it smothered with style, elegance & vogue. It is chunky & commanding and silhouettes your look with flair. Meticulous craftsmanship is fluxed with appeal in every curve & contour. Handcrafted, gold plated, and opulent, Aaree is sure to check mark all the boxes off your list!


2. Jewellery by Mitali Jain : Initials
With Trinkets spread all over, the collection encompasses of necklaces & earrings galore! The engraved hearts & intricacies on the surface will leave you in smiles! It’ll leave no stone unturned to flatter your vanity too; the initials’ rings in the appeal gives a personalised touch to whoever you choose to buy this for.
Behind its aesthetic allure, these pieces epitomise perfection through their attention to detail & mode. What’s a better gift to make your loved one feel special?


3. SICA : 925 Silver
This collection stands almost synonymous to the imperial notions of love, eternity & February 14th! The beautiful handicraft, 925 silver plating, and it’s unbound timelessness make it all the more special. Varying designs from tennis heart bracelets to minimal heart studs, it carries finesse throughout. Each element harmonises seamlessly, creating an ensemble that transcends time & trend. These jewellery pieces are definitely the best investment to make this valentine’s day.


4. Zevalry : Heart of Gold
Precision, accuracy & impeccability are just the foundation to this assortment. This brand offers a three piece mélange, both, a perfect valentine’s gift & an immaculate expression!
Bidding the red as the ideal colour of love, Zevalry ignites 'love at first sight' for sure. The gold plating combined with red stones will undeniably transfix you in love with it, just as much as we are.
Through facets & facets, these pieces encapsulate the essence of romance.

Check them out, spreading love, joy & coquetry.