Designers who can make it to CANNES 2023

Amidst so many Indians representing India at Cannes, and exemplifying homegrown brands, we have accustomed there our own list of women-led brands which would’ve been favoured, unparalleled & positively diametric.

A melange of cubic zircons & wide cut stonework; these creations are just the statement your outfits have been waiting for!
Complimented with the right dazzle, the gluey sparkle leaves the beholder spellbound.

With tradition complimenting fashion, we know for a fact that we couldn’t find better! As ravishing as Sara Ali Khan looked in these, these trinkets also yield perfection. Designed using the hand piroi techniques, these bring forth semi precious pearls & stone cutouts altogether.


Bringing together edgy & elegant, this designer carries all the oomph there is when it comes to making statements! Playing the palette with metals & threads, Zaza renders a bold & confident woman at all times.


Art, creativity, comfort & luxury seems to be the 4 word curation that the jewellery here follows! In every nook of the trinket, you’ll find something different, yet snazzy. Paired with the unusual quaintness, wearing these pieces would catch eyes for sure!

The looks these would fetch us at Cannes! All what a sweet prospect!

Carrying such handpicked & assorted adornments out of this chic motley, And Noor ranges into & towards making your collection the most cut-edge yet fashionable, as it could get!
With these designers and their jewellery, we’re sure to amalgamate vogue & trend. A new generation of a la mode. 💯