This is what Anshula Kapoor ordered from us!


In the realm where fashion meets finesse, there exists a captivating intersection — the world of jewelry. It's a canvas where personalities are painted in the strokes of elegance, creativity, and style. This canvas found itself adorned with the impeccable taste of Anshula Kapoor, who’s vogue has unveiled a mesmerizing melange!

1) Shyle Bracelet 

Among the symphony of trends, this one is the most viral! Made of stainless steel, both anti-tarnish & hypoallergenic, as if crafted to weave magic around wrists. Its allure lies not just in its design, but in its contemporary elegance.

2) Petal Drops by Soraya

From the vibrant streets of Jaipur, adorn yourself with the Petal Drops! Craftsmanship that breathes life into accessories. These are lightweight, made in brass and glazed with 18 kt gold plating. Designed by the artisans of Soraya, these slide-on earrings stand as a great addition to any ensemble.

3) Heart Struck Earrings

Endorsed by Masoom Minawala, the Heart Struck earrings are the epitome of tradition meeting modernity. Oxidised beauties, intricately detailed by the artisans. Crafted in silver, they narrate tales of timeless elegance. Each curve cut & contoured, there’s no artistry alike!

4) Horseshoe Studs by Jewellery by Mitali Jain
The timelessness of the horseshoe finds a new expression in the chic studs by Jewelleey by Mitali Jain. An evergreen piece designed in 18 kt gold plating. As a part of your everyday fit, they are the statement— a fusion of classic and contemporary. Stay surprised, as they seamlessly transition from casual rendezvous to boardroom brilliance.

In the symphony of style, Anshula Kapoor's choices are a crescendo of panache.
With each piece, she unveils a chapter of her style saga, where elegance reigns supreme.

As we marvel at this exquisite selection, we find ourselves drawn into the allure of these pieces. Find them at Andnoor and relish the delight of sophistication & style.