Styling Tips : Right Jewellery with the Varied Necklines


A luncheon with the ladies or an Impromptu date? Which necklace’d go with that dress? Would a choker work with that formal blouse? Does a neck let look nice?
Questions are aplenty, but let’s solution-ise them! Adding colours with gemstones, pearls, chunks & diamonds is one, but the gameplay with shapes & sizes hits the jackpot. The trick is to have your knowledge of necklines!


A sweetheart is a wide neckline, so adding on an all-embracing neck piece with a broad length, an optional charm & a neatly enhancing neckline is certain to accentuate the top.


A scoop neck, with a broad out-cut is the ideal canvas to our paintbox of jewellery.
Trinkets like Lariats, & other wide-built designs pitch in perfection. Doubled up layers with well brimmed cuts, make the list.








V-necks give in plenty of space to wear something dangly yet embraceable. Playing with elegance & funk is exactly what this neckline asks for. Layered chains, charms & necklaces provide for the necessary V in Vogue! 


Something hanging, prominent & dominant is sure to make a statement with a turtle neck.A bold charm, or an eminent motif give out a striking spectacular vibe. Be it a dusty gold or a shiny rose gold, we assure you it’ll look great!



With cuts & lines into bid, experimenting with angular & cut-lined necklaces proves to be wise. An outstanding melange of geometric neck pieces with a square neck is sure to catch eyes (the good ones, ha!)


This enhancive neckline is sure to compliment a statement piece with a centre pendant. With a pendant-top to the torso, the whole look comes off fashionable. Try it with your jewel neckline the first chance you get!

Got a new dress with a boat-like neckline but can’t find the jewellery match?
A boat cut neckline gives you minimal space to spice up the top, hence pairing it up with a high neck adornment like a single line choker gives the right kind of highlight!


As a one shoulder neckline goes asymmetrical, the trick is to go with it, as the neckline goes. Choosing an angular neckwear, with an abstract motif or design works best. Working with all sorts of uneven shapes & cuts adds to the style & emphasise the look.


And with that, hook yourself up with this trendy guide to necklines, and get all the basic essentials right now! Be sure to never miss on the fashion tips & accessorise like there’s no limit!
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