The Indian Met Gala

If the MET GALA had an Indian spinoff, The NMACC was synonumous, it saw excessive glamour with celebrities plunged in hues of fashion, statement and flair.  

Elan-packed with models & artists, the event was glazed with designs and jewellery, people have never seen before. Our personal favorites out of the bunch are; 



Zendaya in Amit Mishra was no less than an epitome of beauty. Amid a focus on adornments, her look could have been perfectly complimented with our ‘white zircon danglers: Cristal Earrings’ balancing the multiplicity of hues and shades in her outfit. AndNoor characterizes in trinkets that fulfill needs and looks alike.  


Absolutely drippin’ in finesse was our new found desi girl Gigi, ravishing her look in a white draped saree dipped in golden sugarcoat. In an attempt to accentuate her ‘desi mantra,’ accompanying the outfit with a Kundan Pearl Mangtika would’ve been the power choice. The Hadid sister would’ve necessarily marvelled us with her Greek vibe, adorned in AndNoor. The mangtikka would have made her our desi Gigi 


Advani, Newly married, what beats better than a love charm? Amidst others, Kiara sure knew her vogue, dressed in golden fiesta & drowning in rose-tinted pearls.  

This cocktail ring would have the right oomph needed for Kiara's golden seista. The wave ring is the complimenting golden with striking bling, winning hearts & hands! With a sheer need for a break in the sea of golden, AndNoor would’ve generously been a source of fashion & jewllery to pacify the most out of the look.  



PEECEE was the sexiest center of attention in turn with her rose gold mermaid attire. None less than a Klassy Kween and us her spellbound followers! Contemplating glamor and brilliance alike, our Overdose hand harness would have balanced all the bling on PCs dress and given her a surreal look. Along with this, PC would have been heavenly on account of adding jewels to her outfit, with regard to our  handcrafted beauty. 



Our Mastani & her golden jewel reign, what can we say? We’re fans. Manifesting Padmavati, and all the beautiful, bequeathing yet daring roles she’s played, DP didn’t leave no stone unturned to transfix us. These ear cuffs falling behind the ears were the right adornment complimenting her diamond studded Mangtika along with the tiny sparkles.