Work Wear : The Jewellery we all need !

Workplace jewellery? Or do the judgy looks that come along with wearing flashy, heavy jewellery or those noisy bangles scare you away? Well, we gotchu covered!
Consider styling your workplace ‘fit with classic daily wear pieces of jewellery that compliment the stripped, minimal office demeanour. That comes off to making sure, that your jewellery is well balanced, hinged & suitable.
Pearls & subtle diamond pieces tend to rake off the ho-hum vibe & yet fetch a trendy tone.

The most low profile yet fashionable of them all are still the studs of fashion jewellery,


Stud earrings & small hoops, never make you have to contemplate your jewellery choices, and are definitely a wise choice when it comes to everyday styling. A little effort & a smart pairing of colour does the trick. This is an absolute banger for when you have to continuously answer calls!



Dangle Earrings induce the perfect combination of workwear jewellery, comfort & fashion. With lightweight, shiny goldens & silvers popping behind the ears, they can rev up a basic white shirt, and simultaneously add spice to the dark palette of formals.




Amidst the wide plethora of ring designs available, you could go out along all sorts of patterns & types to make play on your fingers. Rings undoubtedly, create a swanky chic & work like a charm! A contemporary solution to all your workwear jewellery problems. From band ring styles, both stackable & spiralled to Multi stone statement rings, they’re the ultimate statement trinkets.




With the professional attire, less is more. Pair up your everyday workwear with pendant jewellery, and light weight necklaces which pitch in to a vogue neckline, & glister the look!
Single statement pieces of pale golds & rose golds throw in elegance & differentiate by a mile.

Worried about where to shop all this from? Your first job & have got to build your wardrobe? After summer office season? Leave all your worries there. And Noor offers a wide variety of work wear jewellery which is set to fulfil all your needs! Check out our work wearer’s section for all your work jewellery essentials!