Ammanya Accessories

Ammanya is a contemporary Jewelry Brand, handcrafted to perfection for the
modern women. It is combination of pearls, loreals and colours with a focus on
bringing all things colourful, bright and eye-catching.

Our jewellery are unique and different from others as it is a combination of clay and
metal with ethnic touch made for the very first time ever, the clay we use is made by
us from scratch which is eco friendly and does not have any kind of hazardous
chemicals added to it. It is unlike other clay (polymer clay and terracotta clay) it is
unbreakable as hard as metal. We also provide Color customization based on
customer requirements if needed. We offer a wide variety of products from daily wear earrings to customized bridal sets.

Ammanya was founded with the soul purpose to bring uniqueness to jewelry with
light weight and modern touch. We also provide complete customization of our
jewelry including color, size and pattern for weddings and other occasions. Book an
appointment and make your own customized jewelry for. Your Haldi ceremony,
Mehendi, Sangeet and other special occasions