Creyons by Mansi

Creyons began its journey 3years back when I(Mansi Dhruva) started making jewellery on my own & selling it through Instagram. I pushed myself to learn more about jewellery designing,the different materials & especially the different polishes that are done on them. After a lot of experimentation, I saw an immense love towards Brass jewellery amongst the people. But I wanted to provide something that would make my Jewellery stand out. Keeping that in mind, I trained my karigars(artisans) to do the kind of polish that gives an antique look to the Jewellery. It also took me time to understand how to retain the jewellery over time. For that, I started using a coat of German Silver to not allow it to tarnish over time.

I felt that these are some of the most important notions that were being missed in the market. Our karigars(artisans) from Jaipur,Delhi & Kolkata have helped us,tremendously, to reach where we are today.