Are all jewellery sold on And Noor handmade?

Yes, our each and every piece is handcrafted by an artisan under a women designer led brand.

What metal are they made of?

We have fine, Demi-fine and fashion jewellery with us & hence varied metals like Silver, Copper, Brass etc are used

What kind of jewellery do you have ?

And Noor has the widest and the most diversified range of jewellery, from silver to imitation and to beads. We provide you with a cross cultural experience from different parts of the world, majorly India.

Will the plating of jewellery come off over several use?

If you take care of your jewellery, the plating shall last forever. However if not taken care, jewellery plating shall come off over a period of time.

Can we customise the jewellery ?

Jewellery can be customised in accordance with the designer brand. However we try to provide as much customisation options as possible.

How can I take care of my jewellery ?

Our each product page shares tips for jewel care as mentioned below -
• Keep away from water, soap, perfumes and other hard chemicals.
• Wipe clean gently with a soft damp cloth followed by a dry lint-free cloth.
• Store in a plastic airtight pouch and do not keep it under heavy items as the jewelry has delicate hand-crafted elements.


When is the order shipped after placing the order?

Our aim is to ship the product as soon as possible. However we ship the product by the “ships in“ information given on each product page.

How much time does it take for delivery? 

Delivery time shall vary according to the place of delivery since we ship our products from our India Office in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

What are the shipping charges?

 We have free shipping PAN INDIA. However we charge $22.5 for international orders.

Can we track our order?

Yes, you can track your order once shipped. Our team shall update you with the tracking details.

Do you do worldwide shipping?

Yes, we do worldwide shipping with a fixed shipping fee of $22.5

Is express shipping possible?

Yes, Express shipping is possible for prepaid orders and an extra charge for the same.


What is the return policy?

We offer 5 days return policy for unused or unworn products. You can ship the product in its original packaging within 5 days of delivery at our registered address. We shall provide you with wallet credits for the returned products.

Who bears the return courier charges?

The customer bears the return courier charges.

Can we return the product if its received damaged?

Yes, we shall exchange the product if received damaged. We shall exchange only on receipt of sufficient evidence of the same.

On return, can we get a refund?

we do not provide returns however we provide you with Wallet Credits.

Do you do worldwide shipping?

Yes, we do worldwide shipping with a fixed shipping fee of $22.5

Can we exchange the product recieved?

Yes, you can exchange the product received only if the new product is of the same designer brand and the shipping charges are borne by you.


When can we cancel the order?

You can cancel the order before its shipped.

Do we get refund on cancellation? 

We do not provide refunds but we give you Wallet Credits which can be used to purchase anything form our store

Can I re-order once cancelled?

Yes, you can re-order anytime after cancellation.


Where can I see my wallet credits?

 Wallet Credits can be accessed in your account registered with us. You can use these wallet credits for any purchase from the website.

How can I use my wallet credits?

You need to register with us to use you wallet credits against any purchase.

When do we receive wallet credits?

When do we receive wallet credits? You shall receive wallet credits on return, cancellations or giveaways.

Until what time the wallet credits can be used?

Wallet credits are valid for a year


What mode of payments do you accept ?

We accept payments via Razorpay or COD on the website. If you wish to Bank Transfer or Gpay, you can connect with us on whatsapp.

Can we make the payment offline? 

Yes, we accept Bank Transfers, Paytm, Gpay and COD

How do I make international payments?

 All international orders are prepaid orders and hence payment can be made via Bank Transfer, Gpay or Paytm

What can I do if my payment doesn’t go through?

You can connect with us anytime over WhatsApp +91-8824647700, the link for the same is on the website as a WhatsApp icon.


What gifting options do you provide? 

  • We provide the following gifting options -
  • Bridesmaid Favours
  • Couple Box
  • Bride to Be Box
  • Gift Card

Can I order a gift card?

You can order the gift card by using our Gifting Sections, you can select the denominations of which you want to order. In case of any queries, please feel free to connect with us.

How can we use a gift card?

Whenever you receive a gift card from And Noor, you need to connect with us over WhatsApp for us to make your account and transfer credits.

Can bridesmaid favour packaging be cutomised?

Yes, it can be made as per your customisations.

Do you deliver gifts worldwide?

Yes, we deliver gifts worldwide with extra shipping charges.

Do you have a normal gift box?

Yes, our And Noor packaging box is your perfect gifting box to anyone.

Can we just buy the gift boxes?

Yes, you can buy the boxes separately as well, you just have to connect with us over WhatsApp for the same.