What’s a wedding without the bride’s best friends?

The bond between a brides and her bridesmaids is one word probably can’t describe. You share a

universe of experiences, and it takes only a single familiar glance to share a world full of emotions,

fantasies & quirks. On the special occasion of your wedding, pop the question or send them a warm thank you with the curated accessories from And Noor!

Wedding Gifts 

Getting married is one of the most precious experiences a couple goes through in their lifetime. We at And Noor would love to help you find that perfect gifts for their special day. And Noor gifting is a great choice for gifting your friends, family or clients on such a significant occasion with pour special Wedding Gift Boxes where we put in the jewels and accessory for both of them

Bride to be 

Idiosyncratic yet she is creative, experimental and feminine, being a bride is one of those dreamy

experiences. You understand her personal style statement and are the best to contribute to her

bridal trousseau or make her feel special by gifting her the ideal And Noor accessory. We have

curated the best of the collections to ensure that you or your group gift her the kind of jewels in

our BRIDE boxes. 

Gift Noor

And Noor Gifting is a great choice for gifting to friends, family and clients as a welcoming gesture,

a sign of gratitude or a token of love. We offer unconventional jewellery and accessories for all

occasions and kinds.

Gift Cards 

Can’t decide what to gift for the special occasion? Won’t be able to attend the evening?

AND NOOR brings you the GIFT CARD, now give your loved ones what they find the best and

from afar! Marl your presence with us.