Heer Jewellery

"Well designed jewellery is like visual poetry", the designs by Heer house of jewellery resonate with that concept. We combine the richness of Indian heritage with distinguished craftsmanship and contemporary fashion. Conceptualized by a group of designers, each design is an amalgamation of their combined creativity and uniqueness. We are a team of jewellery designers with a penchant for jewellery and fun accessories. We each have our distinct sense of style, administration and proficiency, with a common value system and goal. This is the most wonderful thing about our team because our unique creative sensibilities and design ideas come together beautifully to create something that we are proud of, One of a kind gorgeous designs which would hopefully make the beautiful lady who wears them very happy and thus rendering us successful in our goal.

Our journey began when we met at the JD Institute for our diploma course in Jewellery Designing. We could instantly connect with each other, one thing led to another and by a stroke of fate, Heer came into existence. Our journey has been tumultuous, emotional, insanely happy, comedic and many other things, it’s been full of ups and downs which have helped bring Heer to where it is today. For us, it is our baby, something we treasure dearly and something that is sacred to us. A rock full of possibilities is put under immense pressure which then goes through further challenges of being harshly polished. This gives rise to a glittering diamond, flawless to the world. Our brand name “Heer” is derived from the Indian word for diamond, its meaning resonates with our journey and we would like to believe its outcome too.