House of Dhaatu

Shraddha Sancheti, CEO, Head Designer and Founder of House Of Dhaatu is a Fashion Graduate and a Certified Jewellery Designer. In a world soaked with extravagant design pieces, she believes in embracing minimalism. She has also worked with her family of jewellers for couple of years now. Shraddha was a budding jewelry designer whereas Yash was looking for an out of the box investment opportunity. Shraddha believes “Coming from a family of jewellers, we understand how important it is to own something that has a part of ‘you’ in it. When we first thought of Dhaatu, We visualized a small place where the workers would be given the respect and space to work for what they believe in.

Strong beliefs and craftsmanship from around the globe have laid the foundation for each and every piece of jewelry by Dhaatu. The global jewelry market is saturated with luxury brands that cater to only a specific section of the consumers, where Dhaatu aims to become a brand - that is for everyone, everywhere. What we have today may not be much, but it is as much yours as it is ours. Burning the midnight oil on google meets and zoom calls - Yash and I came up with the idea of Dhaatu.” We use metals that are Lead, nickle or any other harmful chemical-free. We also believe in plantations and hence provide a seed card with every order for planting. We ensure minimum use of plastic and also use recycled plastic wherever necessary.

The notions of reducing the harm and increasing the benefits are central to the idea of operations in Dhaatu It all comes in unique travel-friendly packaging that facilitates zero absorption of moisture, further increasing the sustainability and quality of the product. Every detail of our jewelry is a product of conscious practices that assures a peace of mind. Our jewelry is proudly made in India. Finely Handcrafted by passionate and experienced Indian artisans with high-end finish, this makes every piece last a lifetime. It is Inspired by the The principles of “Bauhaus” .

Versatility is the spice of life. To ensure comfort and convenience at your end, we have designed a variety of studs and a variety of attachments for each stud. You can either choose to wear a stud with an attachment of our choice or choose to explore the versatility of our collection and go with one of your choice. Our studs go well solo and also with attachments. Some say jewelry is supposed to be comfortable and affordable, some say it must be stylish and trendy. Bringing together the best of both worlds, we present to you the House of Dhaatu

Simple yet versatile is our way to go! Designs that can be mixed and matched - so the more you buy, the more value you get.

Emerging from a thriving friendship, countless cups of coffee and months of experiments - Dhaatu became the beginning of something more, something new...