Likha Story

Likha Story - The brainchild of Manika Hablani, Likha Story brings in a range of contemporary designs with a touch of minimalism. The collection is handcrafted , with the use of semi-precious stones and created with brass metal that is anti-allergic and tarnish-free. Choose from a wide variety of earrings, rings, neckpiece and bracelets. You can pull these off at dinners, brunches or event at work.

Manika Hablani , 26 years ,Young Founder and Designer, An MBA in Marketing From Institute Of Management Technology Nagpur.She has also worked with Reliance for an year. She was always keen towards jewelry. She found her inspiration for handcrafted jewelry during her college days while she was working with her batch-mates for an Entrepreneurship Course. She was always keen towards designing her own jewelry. Somewhere along the way, the idea stayed with her, took her time to explore her interest in jewelry after leaving her job, and that's when she decided to have her own jewelry line. Now breaking all the stereotypes, working towards her passion, jewelry designer at heart ,she's spreading her love for jewelry through Likha Story.