Mani Vrittaanta

Mani Vrittaanta is an exclusive brand by Payal Goyal, focusing on premium silver jewelry embellished with the finest natural stones. We strive to incorporate elegance of Jewels("Mani") with recountable stories("Vrittaanta"), and that is why all designs are conceived by our founder, Payal herself. Hailing from a jeweler family in Jaipur, Payal Goyal is lauded to have an artisan's eye for designs and since her childhood, she has been constantly working with gemstones - understanding their beauty and significance. She followed her father, Mr Rajendra Goyal's (HNB) footsteps - and now she devotes her expertise to him. Her mastery in artistry made her start a brand of her own - Mani Vrittaanta - an amalgamation of two Sanskrit words "Mani '' meaning Jewels and "Vrittaanta" signifying stories. Along with her interest in gems, Payal's Rajasthan setting helped her hold jewelry as an art rather than considering it as a mere business opportunity.