Nehal Bhargava Jewellery

Nehal Bhargava is a jewelry designer from Kanpur(UP). She has completed her graduation in Jewelry  Design from Pearl Academy of fashion, Jaipur. Being a Bohemian at heart and a travel junkie  Nehal reflects the same story through her jewelry. NEHAL BHARGAVA JEWELRY  was an idea that developed in the graduation project of Nehal, where she explored with different forms and elements converting it into breathtaking designs.

Nehal has always dreamt of being an entrepreneur and after working for KGK Diamonds, Sitapura in Jaipur for some time she executed the idea of Nehal Bhargava Jewelry in 2017, reflecting her personal style in each and every piece. 

Intricately bold defines Nehal Bhargava Jewellery, designed from the heart and developed with focus and utmost dedication.  Having an eccentric approach, designs under this brand are inspired by history, art, architecture, and cultures of different parts of the world. Every collection is well researched out before it starts its beautiful journey of transformation from paper to product. Each design is well thought out before it is crafted into a beautiful piece by the skilled craftsmen in our design house.

With the essence of bohemian with class, the jewelry defines a modern woman who is a traditionalist yet contemporary, someone who is intricately bold, fearless, confident, free-spirited, open to new things, multi-tasker and is ready to take on the world.