Sian stores originated with aspirations of thousands of girls just like us, expressive, fluid, and desired statement luxury pieces. This sparked the undeniable urge to create a brand that delivers your personality through our carefully handcrafted designs. SIAN gives you a glance through our eyes as each one of you is a gods gift to us.  We wanted to create a place that celebrates emotions and acceptance through our jewellery as a form of expression. Our design aesthetic welcomes variability just like our emotions vary through the phases of life.

Every collection shares an emotion that comes with 18k gold plating and anti-tarnish plating at affordable prices, while supporting the livelihood of a cluster of artisans in and around Calcutta, India. Creating high-quality handcrafted luxury pieces. We, Anika Jhunjhunwala & Siddhi Kankaria graduates of the National Institute of Fashion Technology, launched SIAN to appreciate each one of you and make you feel that you are precious in your very own expression.