Pruthvi, the founder of Trazenie, is an entrepreneur with a unique perspective on life. She believes that stories and art can be found in every aspect of our existence, and it was this belief that inspired her to start her own company during her final year at university. Trazenie, the brand she founded, is a fusion of the words "ostranenie" and "zany," which mean defamiliarization and amusingly eccentric, respectively. This amalgamation reflects the company's core values. Pruthvi's experience as a dancer, artist, and actor has helped her in crafting the Trazenie brand, which aims to help people express themselves better through their fashion choices. 

Trazenie enables people to find themselves with all it’s offerings. From the colors they wear to the accessories they choose, every aspect of Trazenie's products are designed to help individuals tell their unique story to the world. After all Trazenie’s motto is “Every Shade Tells A Tale.” Pruthvi's entrepreneurial spirit is not only focused on creating unique products but also on creating them sustainably. As a mindful entrepreneur, she is aware of the impact her brand can have on the environment and society. As a result, Trazenie's products are not only filled with art and expression but are also sustainable and handcrafted. Pruthvi firmly believes that our purchase choices reflect on us and should be done responsibly. According to Pruthvi, Trazenie is more than just a brand - it's a celebration of individuality and self-expression.