The YV Brand

The YV Brand was born from the desire of its founder Yashvi Vanani to present fashion enthusiasts with unique accessories that offer a blend of architecture and fashion! The brand develops acrylic accessories that are exclusive, produced by hand, and have a differential mixture of materials and colors. Each Piece of accessory is inspired by the elements around and goes through an extensive journey, from sketching to drafting, cutting, and assembling. All our pieces are intricately designed and handcrafted in house. This process results in accessories that communicate and speak for themselves as anyone regardless of any age boundaries, from high school fashionista to a Boss babe or a fashion-loving mother! Our products are surely made for all the accessories hoarders out there!

The goal for the brand is to design products that make people standout in the crowd , feel more confident and unique without putting much effort! The products are designed to give customers something that they cherish and love for a lifetime!

Interior Designer by training, passionate about fashion, especially accessories Yashvi was inspired to build her brand when she discovered her passion for accessories designing while preparing for her final year Thesis. She then tried to incorporate her ideas of architecture and design into the accessories. And that’s how The YV Brand was born- a brand that brought together high-end design aesthetic, great quality, and affordable pricing that got you looking glam without any additional effort. The pieces are inspired by an accumulation of ideas from her interactions with contemporary art, nature and the various architectural styles of the cities she has travelled to.