Zyia & Co.

Founded by two women with a fashion background who shared a mutual love for shopping and coffee. Never did we think that the global lockdown would turn avid shoppers into entrepreneurs. Constantly talking about our recent purchases and sharing our fun-filled travel stories! We discovered that there is a need for fashionable good quality yet accessible jewelry in India. We decided to establish an online jewelry-only platform, that carries pieces that we personally adore. We understand that every woman is a bit of both. We dress according to our moods.Sometimes we like to chill in pyjamas watching netflix all day and then there are days where we love the hustle.

Our collection is curated with lots of fun and playfulness.That is why we make sure our collection is adaptable, eclectic and always stylish. Is it just us? Or when you spot the perfect piece of jewelry your eyes sparkle and your heart skips a beat. When you adorn a piece of Zyia, we would like to believe that you get to experience the same joy.