Hearts, cuz it's the month of love!

Wear hearts cuz ‘tis the season! 

Valentine's Day season is the perfect time to embrace heart-themed jewelry. Whether it's a delicate heart pendant, a pair of heart-shaped earrings, or a charm bracelet adorned with heart motifs, heart jewelry adds a touch of romance and sentimentality to any outfit. These pieces serve as beautiful reminders of love, affection, and connection, making them ideal gifts for loved ones or even as a treat for oneself. Here at AndNoor, from classic designs to modern interpretations, find heart jewelry in various styles to suit every taste and preference.

1. Heart Golds

Chunky & attention catching, these earrings are a statement to make. Glazed with zircons on the atilt heart, it’ll indefinitely elevate your style. An extravaganza of elegance, statement & funk, this trinket will reap absolute divinity.

2. Amore Ring

Right as the name suggests, it’s a ring de la amour! It has lil hearts encrusted together alternatively. This gold-plated delicacy would serve as the perfect promise of life & love to your loved one. Simple yet allure, this can be worn everyday, bestowing a minimalistic charm.

3. Dark Heart Danglers

Long, vogue & bold, you need these danglers to slay your date night look! It’ll demand the right chivalry & obedience from all those around you, cuz these pieces are sure to leave everyone spellbound. Beside the black hearts, they aspire brilliance, in their simplicity. Adorned past your ears, the statement shall be profound.

4. Happy Heart Necklace

You can spice up your fit with this dewy & ravishing necklace. It is sure to sugarcoat your neck with grace & appeal. Dress this way up for Valentines’ or Galentines’, because you can’t go wrong with this one. Gold-plated throughout, it transfixes & doesn’t disappoint!
Also styled by Ryatasha Rathore, this is among the necessities of hearts (& minds alike!)

5. Heart Bracelet

Made in 925 silver, it’ll make you smile harder. Can be worn forever on your wrist; with you from dust till dawn! It is minimal, cute & a sheer symbol of love that you share with that special someone. It hold your wrist like a princess crown & adds an element of bling in your entire look, without overdoing it.
perfection? i’d say yes.