Make your own Gemini Jewellery Palette

Impulsive & a bit arbitrary on their whims & fancies, Geminis hold a general affinity towards jewellery that stands out from everyday trends. Being great lovers of attention you can bet that they prefer the extraordinary. However, geminis shouldn’t overdo it & opt for intricate designs. Celestial elements & gold charms, anything star shaped or moon shaped is good to go on their list of styling.

Such are these trinkets, which are the Splen to your Did of gemini fashion.

1. Star & Moon Dangle Earrings by Also

Golden hues & undercut creases will make your ear compliment your gemini vibe perfectly.

2. Nakshatra Ring by Nine Vice

With hands in the cosmos, & ether on your fingers, this piece is sure to elevate your “nakshatra” right!


3. Amethyst Chand Show Biz Bracelet by Meera Store

a fan of harry potter? this one is sure to match your moony to your gemini! In between supernal & heavenly trinkets, our bracelet will create a different delusion.

4. Sun Watch Pin by Jewellery by Mitali Jain

Time on your hands, amid sky on your wrists, what’s a better combo? Pair this Sun Watch with a sunny outfit, to make it on the Vogue List! This watch is sure to catch eyes & rays ;)


Shop all these on And Noor, and create the gemini palette with our curation for you!