Madiha Jaipur

Krati Akar and Vaishali Kedia are Jaipur based jewelry artists who conceived the idea of Madiha Jaipur in 2016. As children, they spent countless hours watching their families mold stones into beautiful pieces of art that were adorned by customers across the globe. After pursuing their respective fields from college, the two old friends got together to realise their age-old dream into reality, Madiha Jaipur. They dabbled in various arts of jewelry making before finding their true calling- to make offbeat wooden and semi-precious jewelry. Using uncut gemstones with wood is their very own ode to the purest form of nature. A pure mix of their bloodline of stones along with their passion for jewelry, Madiha Jaipur brings to life pieces that are refined and playful.

The name ‘Madiha’ in Arabic means ‘Praiseworthy’, & as the name suggests, they live by the belief- "Every Woman Is Praiseworthy". Their main product line is the wood and semi precious stone jewelry, making it their USP as the designs & out of the box pieces are an ode to gemstones. Their distinctive use of varied material aims to create smiting pieces of jewelry by  attempting to preserve the originality of the elements used. With a strong commitment to not only preserve but effectively contribute to their community, they adopt a sustainable process of up cycling wood to create products that are handcrafted by the local artisans.